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Poker games discomfort

Postby Yozshunris В» 12.03.2020


I'm still relatively new to live cash. Only about hours so far since I started 6 months ago. I feel very comfortable playing bb deep, and ok at Decisions with bb are easy and typically very straight forward for me and getting stacks in when necessary is fine at these stack sizes. I guess it just takes experience. Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated. Last edited by StreetH; at AM.

Best advice is to just play deeper more often and you'll be more comfortable over time. Originally Posted by Warsaw Bobby RIP was saying that what a lot of players don't realize is that playing deeper, hand values change. Big pocket pairs don't have as much power as hands like, say, suited connectors. So good players will call one or more streets with implied odds.

By the time you find a number that most will fold to, you've basically spilled the beans and told them what you have If you bet the "correct" amount, their range can be wide open and you really won't know if your hand is good or not until the river. Deep stack is a very different game than bb poker. You'll typically find more raise-calling and more bluffing than other games. As you have surmised, the more you do it The deeper stacked you are the more important your big decisions become.

Therefore position and reads become even more important than at bb deep. You have to obsessively observe your opponents and get as much info from every hand dealt as possible. This often means being in multiway pots. I am looking to stack another deepstack when I cooler them while trying to avoid losing too much when coolered myself. I do this by being very patient and giving up very early and very cheaply on an awful lot of hands.

It is a trick though - when I spot weakness in an opponent I will put pressure on and fold him out with what look like pot committing bets or raises. This works if I use it sparingly. My image plus lots of chips behind makes getting folds pretty easy vs players who can fold. Simultaneously I'm looking to make big call downs IP vs the aggro players who mistakenly believe they can push me out of every pot.

Dangerous game but you can usually catch a few players out before the table catches on. I will use from top pair to the nuts for these purposes. Pot control is very important and that requires you to be in position. You can only avoid horrible coolers by having a very solid read on your OOP opponent.

This means letting hands go early when facing unknown or tricky opponents and only risking an all in deepstack confrontation when you have sufficient information.

I don't go for absolute maximum "value" on all hands. Reverse implied odds are tremendously high with deepstacks. I can afford to be so picky in soft games where the table as a whole is weak enough that I am not under great pressure.

In a tough game you have to play for max value and your risk of losing enormous pots increases. Play soft games not tough games. Tough games with high rake are frequently unbeatable and deepstacked will be very swingy and very tilt inducing.

If your uncomfortable because the money on the table is too much of your bankroll then it's time to get up. Take your profits and add them to your bankroll. Buy back in at another table or just leave for the day. After that it is mostly just practice. The game changes a bit as you get deep because preflop and flop betting is less of the total pot and there can be more raises before pot commitment.

Your opponents won't react consistently, some get tighter, some get looser, some don't change at all. Since your strategy will depend on their play, you just have to learn through experience how to adapt. Love this well thought out advice guys. Thank you. Given what you've said I've got a lot of work to do.

I think I underestimated how different the game plays when deep and how hand values change preflop. Depending on opponents it makes 3 bet squeezing so profitable with the ability to plan future streets.

With the pot bigger than what you have behind here it's just so straightforward and ur almost never folding. Ragequit I really like how u describe the way u play deep. It scares me a little to implement myself because I just don't have the experience.

Originally Posted by QuadJ. This is in contrast to a game where everyone is deep because you still have to play bb poker with most of the table while being aware of stack depth when in pots with the deep villain. For this reason obv position vs that guy is very important.

Ideally we want to be deep with a fish on a heater. When we are the only one at the table who can felt the fish we are in a very enviable position. Kudos to RageQuit99 for a really good post. You summarized a lot of what I'm still feeling out. In Harrington On Cash he does a great job of breaking down how a solid tight aggressive player should value his hands at various stack depths. Big pocket pairs start to have less value and playing more speculative hands like suited connectors in position starts to become more profitable.

This is when you can start playing for entire stacks. It's a great read and I highly recommend it. Bet-fold Bet-fold Bet-fold Just keep making iso raises in position, be cognizant of your commitment threshold, and just make credible stabs at orphan pots until someone says you cant.

A big stack is threatening and intimidating to other players. Playing cautiously surrenders your advantage. My two cents: First, do an honest evaluation of your deepstack game. I've recently come to the conclusion that while I feel I have a big advantage over my opponents when smaller stacked, I actually feel a lot of my opponents have a big advantage over me when stacks become deeper. It's not a realization I'm proud of, but it is what it is.

So, I do a couple of things. One, if I feel I'm in a deepstacked game where I might actually be at a disadvantage to my opponents, I table change to a table that is more my speed. Finally, I attempt to keep the pots small preflop, especially OOP. Originally Posted by SpexDome. I'm not sure if this is the problem for you but I used to be still a little bit afraid to bet for value in fear of getting raised and having to play a huge pot with a holding that might not be good.

I would always justify checking with strong hands as "pot control" and tell myself it was a solid strategy when it really wasn't and I was missing out on a lot of value in hands I should be winning bigger pots in. You should always be thinking about what you would do if your opponent decides to raise you before you are making a bet. Originally Posted by boomcity Originally Posted by gobbledygeek. Originally Posted by StreetH. I think the key is to get position on LAG's with big stacks, try to see cheap flops in position, have the discipline to not stack off for BB with one pair.

Luckily there are few thinking players in my player pool. Nobody is trying to make someone fold an overpair. Honestly, I don't think the game really played any different. Maybe other cities are different. I get the impression Vegas plays a lot differently. Lots of great advice in this thread, but at the risk of restating things, here are the general rules as I see it: 1.

Position - you should be taking aggressive actions in position very frequently when playing other deep stacks. Build big preflop pots in position, and make others play for stacks out of position. Being out of position they have to deal with the possibility of calling off their whole stack and will often fold good hands and make crazy shoved with great hands. Either choice gives you great flexibility in what you do. Which gets me to: 2.

Bets that commit deep stacks against an aggressor almost always indicate the effective nuts. So when someone raises you, get comfortably about dumping your one pair hands. That being said, you don't want to be exploited by raises on the flop, which can be much wider, so: 3.

Pot control is your friend - if you get a bad flop, especially in position, don't be afraid to check behind and avoid a check raise. You very rarely want to be calling check raises on the flop with weak hands, as that will lead to massive variance. So if you get a K-Q two suit flop, feel comfortable checking your AA and evaluate on the turn so you can't get check raised off by K-J.

Obviously there's more, but in my mind these are the key elements.

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Re: poker games discomfort

Postby Kazihn В» 12.03.2020

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Re: poker games discomfort

Postby Arashimi В» 12.03.2020

Re: Deep stack discomfort If your uncomfortable because the money on the table is too much poker your bankroll then it's time gaames sharpside up. My student explained:. Winter Forget inflation adjustments: in current dollars learn more here swings today are far less than they were 40 years ago. You can change your cookie games at any time.

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