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Poker games cordial ball

Postby Kalmaran В» 11.02.2020


Pages: 1 2 Next. Look, I know this has been debated a lot already, but the longer I play Cordial Minuet, the more convinced I am that this is an issue that needs to be fixed. I am referring of course, to the fact that high level matches in Cordial Minuet tend to go nowhere. This is especially a problem given that the longer you play Cordial Minuet, the more skilled you tend to become, and skilled players are likely going to be the main player base you will have to rely on to keep Cordial Minuet lively and active.

Let's face it, we all have played matches where we ended up quiting because the other player's style was frustratingly conservative.

And really, why wouldn't you play conservatively? Cordial Minuet heavily favors conservative play. It is in fact, often effectively to just slow play someone until they start getting overconfident and betting too much, and then take them to the cleaners. In fact, I think virtually every successful player is currently using this tactic in one form or another. The cost of folding is so low, you can easily afford to fold for long enough to tell if a player is exploitable.

And if not, it's easier to just move on and find a new opponent that is than to play someone you know will likely never give you an opportunity for serious profit. This ultimately makes the game frustrating and boring to play a lot of the time, and I think is a major contributor to the difficulty Cordial Minuet has had in building a player base. New players tend to figure out quickly how dangerous not playing conservatively can be, and they become frustrated with a game that punishes them for betting.

I think that this is the biggest obstacle to success that Cordial Minuet currently has, and it's something that needs to be addressed. I believe the best way to do this, is to decrease the chip count in a game of Cordial Minuet from chips, to 10 chips. I know the idea of lowering the chip count has been dismissed in the past, but I'm bringing to the front again because my experience playing Cordial Minuet has convinced me that it is the only way to make the game work.

The thing is, folding has to hurt, but right now it really just doesn't. I know there is the argument that this problem can be solved by just raising the stakes, but in practice how often have players actually been willing to raise the stakes so far? Well, other than Judge Doorman and look at what happened to him. People are reluctant to raise the stakes because it exposes them to too much risk. Who here wants to risk their entire bankroll on one game of Cordial Minuet? No one, again, excepting Judge Doorman is currently playing at these stakes.

And even if you did, and you could reliably find other players who also did, it wouldn't matter. The risk of getting drawn into a game where you could lose times your ante is always going to seem much greater than just folding.

But then, why does a system with a lot of chips work so well in poker? Well, as I discussed earlier, poker is a game of uncertainty. Any time someone raises, especially before the flop, you know it's a shot in the dark. And since the odds any given player will know they have the best possible hand at any given time are so low, it encourages people to bet liberally to take advantage of the uncertainty of other players.

You always know that it's improbable any given player has the best possible hand, so you almost always feel like you have room to pressure them.

And they know that it's improbable you actually have the best possible hand so it's much more likely they will try and push back. Cordial Minuet is almost the opposite of this. The longer a match of Cordial Minuet goes on, the more each player knows about their chances of winning.

This combined with the low cost of folding means that calling a raise is almost never actually worth it. Raising early in the game is too risky bluffing in the first round is practically the most exploitable thing you can do , and raising at the end of the game will most likely result in the other player folding unless you completely misread the strength of their position, which doesn't happen very much in games with experienced players.

It is possible to set a player up for a loss by convincing them they have the edge in a close game when they actually don't, but that is just about the only way a significant amount of money will change hands between good players, and it doesn't happen nearly often enough. With a 10 chip game, things would be completely different. All of a sudden, folding isn't nearly as attractive of an option. If you fold just 10 times, you have lost the match, and even getting a few chips behind puts you at a disadvantage.

So you are under a lot of pressure to call. Smart players will still know when folding is their best option, but they will have to play games when the relative strength of their position is uncertain much more often. It also really helps to put emphasis on the picking game, because all of a sudden biding your time and fishing for a good number is not an option.

If you only raise when you get a good number the other person can just fold anyway. But then again, why raise only when you have a good number when raising puts the other player under so much pressure?

All of a sudden it seems like bluffing in the first round sometimes might not be such a bad idea. Of course, it's very likely 10 chip games will be short, usually ending after a few rounds when a player either loses an all in or becomes short stacked to the point that they want to reset the stakes. But I think this is actually a good thing because it encourages players to intermingle more. Often times it takes so long to find another player you end up wanting to keep playing them for a long time.

But doing this also means that if a third player signs on, they will probably never see another player because the other people playing will just play the one game and quit when they are done.

But if matches were faster, the third player would likely have to wait less than five minutes before seeing one of the other players open up a new match in order to keep playing. The big problem with having shorter matches though, is that it does in many ways make the game more shallow. One of the best aspects of Cordial Minuet is that it let's you carefully build up the expectations of your opponent, only to betray them at just the right moment for a devastating reversal of fortune.

You would to a certain extent lose that in a 10 chip game, and much more emphasis would be put on just picking the right columns. For that matter, I am not at all certain 10 chips is ideal. Maybe something like 20 chips would provide a better balance between making folding unattractive and allowing for careful methodological play.

But the thing that is clear to me, is that chip games don't work, and they are keeping Cordial Minuet from reaching it's potential. So I propose the following. Allow players to set the chip count on their own games. Then we can all work together and figure out what chip count makes Cordial Minuet the most fun to play.

And maybe there is no one answer. Maybe a 10 chip game is the most fun for some people, while a 20 chip game is more fun for others. Maybe most people will keep on playing chip games after all.

Fighting games let you change round limits and health levels, and doing so has many of the same consequences as changing the chip count in Cordial Minuet.

While most people who play fighting games do prefer 3 round matches, many players enjoy having other options. And giving them those options doesn't really cost anything, so why not do it? In my opinion I like the chip count, it allows more depth in the way you use the chips to gauge and manipulate your opponent. If you only had 10 then you wouldn't have as much rope to play.

Games would be so short that you wouldn't be able to feel out the other player's play style, and much worse, you wouldn't be able to throw curve balls at them to throw them off. I have definitely played against some very conservative players, but when I do, I get my kicks by forcing them to raise the stakes or fold almost consistently.

This also gives me a lot of information on their first pick. If I always raise on the first round, and they always fold except this one time, then I know one of their inked rows must have a relatively high number.

I wouldn't be pleased with any changes that reduced that level of play. Right, well, chip count games do have their good points. Although I have to warn you that bluffing in the first round will typically have devastating consequences if the other player knows what they are doing which I do.

But this is why I say, let people pick their own chip count and let the market decide. Really the worst thing that can happen is we will learn more about what does or doesn't make Cordial Minuet work. AnoHito I'll stop call you that , you're saying a lot of true things definitely.

Conservative play is favored. Correct play usually involves a lot of folding. Bluffing on the first round is indeed easily exploitable I certainly don't like the idea of super short games, but you might be right that everyone is happy if it's a configurable option. The big question is: will new players really understand the significance of the chip count? Do they currently understand the implications of the chip count? I'm not even sure I do. If the UI gets chip counts added to it next to stakes presumably , I bet that's going to be at least a little confusing.

And it also goes back to your claim that new players are actually leaving because of the chip count issue? I'm skeptical on that one. Regardless, that's an empirical claim that Jason could investigate i. A game is what occurs before one player leaves. A round is what culminates in a fold or final scores. What word should I be using because round is confusing me. Canto Delirium : a Twitter bot for CM. Also check out my strategy guide! So I have literally sat there for 30 minutes playing and winning 8 chips or something.

Personally, I don't like the idea of reducing the chip count, I like chips. That would definitely speed up the game, and make it less of a grind. I think a lot of time, I do a pretty good job of jamming the other player on the first turn, but it only pays one chip. I've also, at one time or another, had the same concerns about the game. I employ conservative tactics, occasionally get bored of it, start betting more liberally, am met with conservative tactics, and typically eventually come out regretting it.

Antes though.

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Re: poker games cordial ball

Postby Goltishura В» 11.02.2020

Perhaps right now, the betting skill is given too much weight, and the picking skill click here matter very much. How to Fix Cordial Minuet Look, I know this has been debated a lot already, but the longer I play Cordial Minuet, the more convinced I am that this is an issue that needs to be fixed. There was some discussion earlier about deep stacks allowing for more skilled play.

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Re: poker games cordial ball

Postby Mobei В» 11.02.2020

Top 15 Poker. Really the worst thing that can gamds is we will learn more what does or doesn't here Cordial Minuet work. When I brought this up before, Asminthe pointed out that increasing the ante would decrease the number of rounds, which I agree is generally bad.

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Re: poker games cordial ball

Postby Voodoogis В» 11.02.2020

I suggest trying to reduce the percentage of rounds that are "uninteresting": those where someone folds away only their 1 coin ante. One thing maybe worth mentioning: the tames I have with deep stacks risk aversion. The risk of getting drawn into a game where you could lose times your balo is always going to seem much greater than just folding. Another difference is that having the best hand isn't enough to win the pot.

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Re: poker games cordial ball

Postby Nikolar В» 11.02.2020

Then we can all work together and figure out what chip count makes Cordial Minuet the most fun to play. Some players oblige me, others exploit me. What's the point of having that folding fee go to the house? It makes no more sense to fold than it does to call, as long as you believe there is still a read article you can win.

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