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Online games unethical against

Postby Arak В» 09.09.2019


Tl;dr - Yes. The first source of money for online casinos is not the money that the poor addict pours into it, it is the huge money laundering operations that are done in the back. Online casinos are not based in places that you will imagine particular transparent in terms of tax policy. A journalist was murdered in Malta for just speaking about this. You're assuming that money laundering is unethical.

Is there an argument in favor of it money laundering being ethical? The most I can think of is anonymity for the general public, but is this an actual use case?

Let's suppose it's and the American rebels want to fund an arguably-just fight against the ruling British. Or let's suppose you run a VPN in China that allows the Chinese to arguably-justifiably access Western websites, and you need to launder your funds. Or perhaps you're in Iran and want to leave, but since Iran doesn't permit you to bring any money out of the country, you arguably ethically and justifiably decide to get it out via Bitcoins.

I have never argued for money laundering in my life, but guys So, general anonymity, as I mentioned above. My admittedly only implied question around this usecase is: is it a real usecase, or purely theoretical?

Well, I did donate BTC to a cause in Africa forget the country that was at odds with the government which was taking a steep cut of any incoming money. I'd say financial anonymity should be considered a basic human right. If you have no privacy to your purchases, you have no privacy at all. My rule of thumb: will your customers regret their purchase in hindsight? If you suspect most of them will, then yes, it's unethical to collect their money now. Elsewhere in this thread people have compared casinos to video games, tobacco, and facebook.

Video games run a full spectrum from predatory to wholesome, so you'd have to look at that on a case-by-case basis. I'm not a smoker, but I think most smokers would prefer to not need to smoke. Looking at it another way, I don't think any smokers would prefer that their children start smoking, so in my view tobacco is unethical. Facebook has both saved and ruined lives so it's in a grey zone for me.

Ideally someone would find hard data to support one view or another. I used to work for one and was not proud of it because I felt our products did not provide any value. My boss had this theory how betting small amounts of money is just another form of entertainment people enjoy, just like going to the cinema or playing a video game, and thus we were in the entertainment business.

I didn't really buy it and I wondered if he truly believed it himself. Not everyone has a chance to work on world-changing, truly innovative stuff, but there's a lot of productive, useful work to be done, and I just think that online betting is not one of them. How is this different from Apps on the playstore? Or, I have to say, sometimes I wonder how the amounts people spend on music truly vary. The merchandising for most bands means that if you really want to spend millions on a band, you can e.

Bands themselves say that this is where most of their income comes from This whale principle certainly seems to cover quite a bit of the economy.

Even movies are similar. You want to spend a million or a few on star wars? Not a problem. There's only 2 ways you come out of that experience: evil lost belief in mankind, and therefore anything goes , or mad. The question is about ethics. How is it relevant whether other people are taking advantage of addicts as well? I'm just saying that, to varying extents, large portions of the economy are "taking advantage of" addicts.

As do things like reddit, in fact probably most sites. You cannot let your life be controlled by "ethics" like this. It's not reasonable. For some that's true. I know people who like to responsible gamble from time to time. It's entertainment for them. I know friends that work in online gambling, they say they are more ashamed of people who work in banking, hft, defense offense? Because all the above have tangible negative effects on society.

We need an engineering code of conduct - too many tech folk happy to take a dollar in return for building stuff that makes the world a worse place. A code of conduct is meaningless if the profession does not rely on certifications. For example, lawyers can be disbarred and doctors can lose their medical license What are you going to do to an engineer who acts unethically?

Your friends are kidding themselves. What can be more tangible than taking money from people? I am not taking sides on the "is allowing gambling unethical" question, just saying that the "tangible effects" argument is weak. Sounds like whataboutism. Pointing at the dirty neighbors does not clean your own house. So you are confirming the neighbour does indeed have a dirty house too?

Most engineering disciplines have this, and they take it very, very seriously. That's part of being a PE. The problem is enforcing breaches of the code. In engineering disciplines that require licenses from the relevant government or professional bodies, breaching the ethical codes can result in you, or whoever signed for your work, losing their license and thus being unable to work or at the very least they'd have to work under another engineer.

In addition to facing potential legal and financial consequences for their actions. But we don't have mandatory licensing in software and I honestly struggle with how we would even implement that. In a traditional engineering discipline such as civil engineering, teams of engineers work on a project that requires millions of dollars to construct, with many reviews by other engineers and overseen by more people.

But all it takes to make software is a computer. The barrier to entry is so much lower that, if you're a bad actor, it's not that difficult to find someone who will be willing to do your dirty work for money. Even in places that license software engineers I don't think a PE exam existed for software until , but I may be mistaken there's really no incentive to get one because companies by and large don't care there are a few that might, though, like aviation or medical.

The best idea I've been able to come up with is a combination of education on ethical issues and a voluntary code of ethics that we get as many software engineers, developers, and companies to sign onto. It doesn't solve the problem, but it's at least an incremental improvement over the Wild West that we currently have.

What your friends who work in online gambling think has a negative effect on society and thus could be said to make the world a worse place does not seem that way to me.

I see HFT as market makers and bankers as something necessary to keep capital flowing. Of course, there are still industries that I feel cross the line when it comes to ethics as well, but I'm sure there are many who disagree with my opinion as well. Let's see your evidence for this. Otherwise, bullshit. What we need is a no-bullshit code of conduct- All actions should be based on evidence, instead of belief.

Engineering included. That would solve this, and many many many other problems occurring now. The problem is, as gk1 points out, it doesn't have much teeth without licensure. Disclaimer: I am a recreational poker player, and have interacted with all sorts of rec players from serious semi-pros to weekend tourist players to total degenerate gamblers.

The answer to this question will inevitably be personal and will vary based on your own personal ethics. As someone who has quit a job partially over an ethical objection to the product subject matter it was a surveillance system , I would have no problem at all taking a job at an online casino.

In terms of societal value, I don't see much of a difference between a gambling site and an online stock brokerage or financial trading firm. They're both zero-sum games, where the host takes a cut of the profit. Both can equally lead people to financial ruin, and can be equally addictive.

So if you'd work for E-trade or even a hedge fund, why wouldn't you work for PokerStars? In terms of providing end user value, at least they are providing entertainment value.

There are plenty of worse tech jobs where you simply exploit end users and others reap most of the actual product value. OP, if you managed to find a job offer at one of these gaming companies you didn't mention that , then congratulations. My understanding is that online gaming industry is quite like the video game industry, where it's tougher than average for an "outsider" to break into the industry.

Is working for McDonalds unethical? Well yes, because people get obese and live shorter lives. Is working for Tobacco companies unethical? Well yes, because people die from cancer which was caused from smoking for example. Is working for the bank unethical?

Well yes, because most banks make people buy bonds that have a high profit for the banks but lower for the customers. Is working for your local grocery store unethical? Well yes, because you are again making people fat by placing candy at the exit so you profit more.

Everything is unethical to some extent, just decided what level you want to be on and be happy.

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Re: online games unethical against

Postby Telabar В» 09.09.2019

Archived from the original PDF on January 29, Quinn said the campaign had "roped well-meaning people who cared about ethics and transparency into a pre-existing hate mob", [] and urged industry publishers and unetnical to http://betline.club/online-games/online-games-iodide-content.php the hashtag. Retrieved August 14,

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Re: online games unethical against

Postby Mikalabar В» 09.09.2019

Retrieved June 8, Archived from the original on March 6, Retrieved April 13, Developed as part of the Peaceful Pakistan peace campaign, the game allowed the player to control a soldier during the attack and kill Taliban terrorists.

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Re: online games unethical against

Postby Kazratilar В» 09.09.2019

Gamergate online were critical of the wave of articles calling for diversity that followed the initial outbreak of the controversy, interpreting them as an attack on games and gamer culture. Against On the Media. President of 2K Boston Ken Levine threatened poker girls games the game as games unehtical of art, stating "we want to deal with challenging moral issues and if you want to do unethical, you have to go to some dark places".

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Re: online games unethical against

Postby Fejar В» 09.09.2019

Retrieved April 18, A code of conduct is meaningless if the profession does source rely on certifications. Namespaces Article Talk. Not a problem.

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Re: online games unethical against

Postby Darr В» 09.09.2019

This is abuse ' ". Retrieved November 8, C4stor on Dec 5, To be fair, a good share I'd say most?

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Re: online games unethical against

Postby Shakaktilar В» 09.09.2019

It is unethical. Archived from the original on October 7, Archived from the original on August 14,

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