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Steam games arm

Postby Vikus В» 28.12.2018


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Steam Universe Steam U. Join Group. Balderick View Profile View Posts. Valve made a lot of noise about the expanding Steam Universe but seem to missing the simple fact that the PC platform is dieing and their worries about MS store have proven absolutely Irrelative. Android has recently been recognised as the most targeted platform by developers second only to windows.

New technologies like geforce now, GaaS, AIaaS, Deep learning, AI and many new innovations have brought great advances in arm powered device capabilities.

Devices like Razer Forge TV, Nvidia Shield Android TV and Nintendo Switch are all examples of non mobile devices using mobile class hardware being optimised for gamers being used in a highly portable but not mobile fashion. Google Play Store is awash with native android ports of PC and console class game titles. Amazon are working on their own gaming and game distribution services. I feel Valve are being a bit slow in coming to the android gaming party but appreciate steam hardware are all arm powered devices and really do think Valve fully intend in supporting gamers needs on android devices.

Valves partnership with HTC also just screams steam for arm is on the agenda to me. Whether as members of the elite master race or google games millions of gamers are enjoying gaming. The elite master race are an endangered species. Their environment no longer can support continuous year on year growth due to diminishing global PC unit sales.

When will Valve acknowledge the need for a steam for arm client that distributes native android games? Showing 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Tiger View Profile View Posts. Pc platform is growing you console kid. Pc gaming industry global revenues continue to grow. Go figure!.

When was the last time an awesome pc exclusive was released? Shocking amount of mobile games being ported to pc This is fact. What i am asking is when will Valve provide diguital distribution for android games whilst allowing users to play those games natively on android machines as well as allowing users access to current pc games through a game on demand streaming service like Geforce Now.

I would love a guided tour of Valves prototype labs. I wonder how many jetson x1 modules are deployed? I wonder how many untethered standalone head mounted consoles there are and what variations of them there are? Razer bought up Ouya IP for many reasons!

Asus make Tango phones - for many reasons. Lonovo make tango phones for the same reasons HTC make daydream phones and vives Last edited by Balderick ; 31 Jan, pm. Valve has stated multiple times on GitHUb threads it is not in their road map. Don't hold your breath on Steam for ARM. SteamVR Tracking is as useful to mobile vr as it is too vr on any other platform excluding linux!

SteamVR Tracking HDK has more than partners making projects implementing steamvr tracking with the vast majority of those companies being directly related to mobile hardware oems. HTC included Or i could see steam for arm client coming since then The irony is thousands of mobile device users are using google cardboard like devices to enjoy steamvr content streamed from their pc. I use an nvidia shield tablet strapped to my face using a hacked osvr hdk head mount to use a durovis dive 7 faceplate.

I am not denying Vive is the best VR solution in existence. It is not even the most expensive but is the best. One year ago "expertas" were predicting VR on pc would be wireless within the decade. A few months later and there are several solutions for providing tetherless vr on pc. VR is rapidly evolving and growing. Android devices have a big role to play in the momentum of this growth. The only Steam Hardware devices available to order from steam store are arm powered devices.

There is no doubt in my mind that steam for arm is incoming, wether that is in the guise of steamos for eLinux, steamos for android or some other innovative means.

A steam for arm client from google play store is just not going to work for all the same reasons that steam for windows only available from windows store can not work and is definitely not on Valves agenda. Valve need a new solution for gamers on android. Step up steamos I dont know what planet your living on but the majority of Android devices are cheap recycled plastic with outdated components and software.

They basically have a one year lifespan. And for what? Not just any mobile games. And now they want to play mobile PC VR games. Im going to need a crowbar to handle this situation. Ladies and Gentlemen. Tegra superchipped android devices are the bleeding edge of android gaming devices.

Nvidia Shield TV devices use mobile class hardware in an non mobile user case scenario. These allow pc vr hardware be directly connected. Virtualhere is a handy tool too. You will feel like you have been hit by a hammer once you have experienced the might of tegra superchipped devices.

The nvidia shield tv is any gamers wet dream. I am not comparing steam link and nvidia shield tv here. I am comparing gaming on nvidia shield like android devices and pc. Streaming the games i do own from pc at 4k res's but with extra sauce is hard to describe. I just know gaming is every bit as enjoyable on shield tv , if not more so, than gaming on pc. The shield android tv is everything that steam machines were hyped up to be - and way, way more. The days of needing current gaming spec pc to enjoy latest pc games ended when nvidia shield tv was announced.

Which is more than two years ago. Now is the time for innovators to take nvidia's proof of concepts and make them meet their own demands. Now is the time for steam for android to lead an emerging global market. Technological advancements, changing global gaming revenue shares, global demographics and changing global market trends all point too gamers as having the need and want for a steam for arm client.

I asked a question in op which is; "When do you think Steam will become a native gaming platform for ARM users? Using your "one year lifespan" reasoning proves that you are totally oblivious to how awesome these shield devices are. The nvidia shield tablet has conseculatively won annual award for best tablet. The first android tablet to achieve such a thing a winning that award conseculatively EVER. It is still to be confirmed but Android N updates are likely soon. The original os was lollipop and currently they run marshmallow..

These new android devices are total game changers. The three year old shield tablet is still bleeding edge in comparison to other tablets even today. That is because of all the extra sauce nvidia has put into the software after creating awesome hardware. Balderick, actually the way things are looking, ARM maybe become an alternative choice for Windows based PCs themselves. It won't be as fast as high-end x86 CPUs but could become the standard for budget and "connected" PCs in the future.

In many ways they already are. There are many examples of non mobile applications of arm powered machines. Nvidia and their partners have already made arm top of their development priority list.

Nvidia and their partners are building arm powered supercomputers that are being used to create software for other machines by themselves. This is being called true AI. Try comparing project tango tablet dev kit specs and capabilities to HTC vive or any other currently available vr hardware.

These nvidia tegra superchips are absolutely next gen. The softwares for them are going to change everything. I am totally pumped for arm coming to steam. Steamos of course could come into play yet Steamos for arm! We will never know but maybe steamos was always going to come to arm. Chromeos, steamos hmmm It is tegra superchips that would make that work Nintendo games being made available from google play store recently should help convince folks arm is coming.

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Re: steam games arm

Postby Zulkilar В» 28.12.2018

Cloud gaming and cloud delivered interactive content is going to change how everybody accesses any media. I believe they are using a modified Linux kernel, though. I am not denying Vive is the best VR solution in existence.

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Re: steam games arm

Postby Mezik В» 28.12.2018

Limited natural resources are competely topic when tal;king of the factors involved in the declining pc global unit sales. Steam Universe Steam U. Option 1, i. Call to Arms - Deluxe Edition. All trademarks are stteam of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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Re: steam games arm

Postby Mikataur В» 28.12.2018

Review Type. The original os was lollipop and currently they run marshmallow. New technologies like geforce now, GaaS, AIaaS, Deep learning, AI and many new innovations have brought great advances in arm powered device capabilities.

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Re: steam games arm

Postby Mikatilar В» 28.12.2018

Client Server is not cloud. Don't have time to do it my self at the moment. This would be with a 1 frame lerp configuration This is regardless of network lag. So, what is SteamOS? Change language.

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Re: steam games arm

Postby Kagazragore В» 28.12.2018

Is there a solution to this? These allow pc vr hardware be directly connected. Display decodinghow busy game servers are, how busy cloud vm servers are This will be an Arms Race to remember.

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Re: steam games arm

Postby Arabei В» 28.12.2018

Or is it even being considered but not yet publicly games So because it arm possible to run Steam client on ARM I would like to understand how better as my games cloud gaming service provides a Linux client but no web client to use Jetson Nano so Board games ranelagh could make Jetson Nano into a Steam Machine using steam for windows in cloud steam vm with Quadro P Where can I find SteamOS source code? Here is another video showing what system specs in Ubuntu show arm we know for sure it is running Steam on Jetson Nano for comparison. This isn't as simple as making a.

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